110 employees laid off after last working day at Pacific Crest

Friday was the last day of work for 110 people laid off from Pacific Crest Transformers. (Genevieve Grippo/KTVL)

Local manufacturing company Pacific Crest Transformers closed its doors to 110 people on Friday-- three quarters of the facility's staff.

The major downsizing was announced in September. Thursday, employees were given official notice that today would be their last day reporting to work.

About 70 of the workers are represented by union IBEW Local 659. One representative says that with the holiday season underway, the timing of the layoffs couldn't be worse.

"It's going to be a major impact on their lives, and they're going to have some struggles to get through," said Jeff Brown, Assistant Business Manager to IBEW Local 659. "We're working on getting them as much assistance as we can to help them transition through this unemployment period."

Brown says that some of those laid off had worked at PCT since the 1980s.

IBEW is partnering with WorkSource Rogue Valley to help the employees navigate the unemployment process and find new work.

"The employees are optimistic, but they're very sad," said Brown. "It's like a family environment out there, so it's hard for them to let go of their employment history."

PCT cited financial reasons for the layoffs. In such cases, employees are not entitled to severance packages-- but there's a chance they could be awarded some benefits.

In early 2016, PCT opened another manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico. Brown says IBEW is filing a Trade Act petition to see if the facility's operation is in any way related to the layoffs.

If so, employees could be awarded some sort of benefits deal.

In past stories about Pacific Crest layoffs, employees said they hoped a buyer might save their jobs by purchasing the company last minute.

Brown says there was rumor of a potential deal, but it fell through in the end.

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