14 Bakersfield dogs flown to Medford for a second chance

An organization called Wings of Rescue flew 14 dogs from Bakersfield to Medford Saturday afternoon.

Multiple organizations came together Saturday to help 14 small dogs make the trip from Bakersfield, Cal. to southern Oregon.

A volunteer pilot with Wings of Rescue, an organization that flies at-risk dogs to available shelters, flew them to Medford Friday afternoon.

The Rogue Valley Humane Society picked them up and will be getting them ready for adoption this week.

The Humane Society said the shelter where the dogs came from was overwhelmed, and they could have faced euthanization.

"Unfortunately what's going on in Bakersfield is they have way too many small dogs that aren't moving," said Margaret Varner, Executive Director of the Rogue Valley humane Society." And here, because we live in a senior community, a lot of folks are looking for those smaller dogs."

Varner said RVHS tries to take dogs from overwhelmed shelters once a year. They rescued about 15 dogs from a shelter in New Orleans about a year and a half ago.

She says the dogs from Saturday's rescue should be ready for adoption within the next two weeks.

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