1985 unsolved Medford murder case


Mark Harvey is asking the Medford Police Department to re-open his sister’s case and to use modern new forensic science methods, which includes DNA testing, in an effort to find his sister’s killer.

Mark Harvey is the brother of the late Lori Ann Conopa.

Lori Ann Conopa died on June 10, 1985 at the Crater Lake apartments.

Her estranged husband, Robert James Conopa was arrested as a murder suspect but was later acquitted from murder charges due to reasonable doubt.

“If people had any information on it, I don’t want to accuse anybody of, you know, but maybe, if there’s any way it could be brought up to people that remember the case,” Mark Paul Harvey said.

The Medford Police Department has agreed to continue reviewing the case but there is no time frame or lead suspect at this moment.

Most everyone that worked for the police department at the time of Lori Ann Conopa’s murder case has retired or moved on to other employment.

Mark Paul Harvey has moved out of southern Oregon but continues to investigate his sister’s death more than thirty years later.

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