31 out of 45 sponsored hotel rooms provide warmth for homeless

America's Best Value Inn vacancy sign off of Riverside Ave. in Medford (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

Members of homeless community woke up today with a warm place to stay for the night, thanks to a community effort to get them off the streets. Organized by a Central Point Facebook group and the Compassion Highway Project, 31 out of 45 sponsored rooms were filled at America's Best Value Inn in Medford.

Hotel management lowered the price of the rooms down to 45 dollars. However, there are still some sponsored rooms available for those who need a place to stay.

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Jesse Lewis, who lives out of his car with his son, said they were at the CHP homeless feed and they heard about the community effort.

"My son and I, we’ve been living in our vehicle for the last year," Lewis said. "Before we got a vehicle, we were living on the streets, using a bicycle and a little wagon to get around. We got two pups."

Lewis, who stayed at the hotel Tuesday night, said this act of kindness has a special significance for his family on Wednesday.

"It was pretty exciting considering today is my son's birthday, so to get out of the vehicle for that, it's pretty huge for him," Lewis said. "Have a little space to move around, not so cramped up."

Lewis said his son Osiris is turning nine on Wednesday. He said he would "like to thank everybody who made it possible" to get his family off the streets for a few nights.

Lewis said his biggest issue is finding a safe place to park for the night.

"It’s all been pretty though," Lewis said. "Just finding safe spots to park at night is our big issue right now . It’s nice to be able to relax and not have the stress of having to jump and bounce, definitely helps."

Medford city council recently approved an ordinance to allow car camping at local churches. However, some churches are having a hard time meeting certain requirements, such as spacing, available bathrooms and trash disposal.

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