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5G cell tower protest in Ashland

A protestor holding a picture of proposed radiation damage. Art by Shelley Masters.{ }(Sammy Shaktah/KTVL)
A protestor holding a picture of proposed radiation damage. Art by Shelley Masters. (Sammy Shaktah/KTVL)
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A protest in Ashland over a proposed 5-G cell tower took place with many protesters concerned about potential health risks they say could be caused by a 5-G cell tower.

5-G stands for the 5th generation of cellular networks which keep our cell phones connected to the world around us.

Currently, most phones operate off of the 4G LTE networks, 5G would provide a faster stronger connection.

That includes faster video download and upload times, and latency speeds as small as one millisecond while a 4G signal would be around 30, which would be slower.

Protesters say that these faster speeds would come at a price, and our health would be the cost with higher radiation levels from 5G cell towers.

Kelly Marcotulli, who organized the protest, gave us her perspective.

"They have to make the radiation stronger so it can pass from cell antenna to cell antenna and that radiation is going to be hitting our bodies, and there will be no escape. And that is one of the biggest things we're fighting against because if we cant escape the radiation, we'll become sick" Marcotulli said.

Another protester in Ashland said that 5G "began as a military weapon to control the masses."

While 5G is a relatively new technology on the consumer's side of the spectrum many protesters are claiming that 5G frequencies have already done enough to put people at risk, and they don't want it in Ashland.

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