7-week-old baby participates in Ashland's 4th of July Run

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner_

Ashland's Old-Fashioned 4th of July Celebration always brings hundreds of families from all around our region.

"This is actually our 4th year doing the race and we run the 2 mile and this year we actually opted to walk the race," said Mike Hiatt, from Klamath Falls.

This year the Hiatt’s added someone else to their traditions.

"This is Kamden's first year doing the run and she was the youngest runner in the race this morning," said Kristen Hiatt, Kamden’s mother.

Kamden was the youngest racer at only 7 weeks old.

"This year we wanted to include Kamden because it's a family tradition. And actually, two other kids ran with us this morning our other son who’s eight and our sister in laws sister who I think is nine," said Kristen Hiatt.

If having the family together wasn't picture perfect enough the family also celebrates two birthdays for the 4th of July, one to honor in memory and the other to ring in with the rest of America.

"This is one of our most important holidays because we get to celebrate not only the life of my wife’s father who passed and her bother Cody," said Mike Hiatt.

Cody Scoggins, Kristen’s bother, says it’s very special to celebrate his birthday on this holiday.

"It's pretty cool, we get to shut off fireworks all day and get to be around a lot of people that celebrate independence. So, it's nice to be around and just have everyone share in the happiness of Independence Day," said Scoggins.

The parade theme this year was Empowering Wellness Through Community.

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