911 dispatcher helps taxi cab driver deliver a baby in Ashland

KTVL / Jennevieve Fong

A local mother is celebrating the birth of her new child, after an emergency delivery in a taxi cab last week in Ashland. Emergency dispatcher Rio Gilinski unknowingly picked up the call that would not only change her life, but also the life of the mother, her newborn child, and the involved taxi cab driver.

"911. What is the address of the emergency? Can you repeat that address for verification?" Gilinski said into her headset.

For Gilinski, every call starts out the same, but the rest of the call is different story.

"It's kind of funny, because when your phone rings you never know what kind of call you're going to get," Gilinski said.

Only 10 months into the job, Gilinski was faced with the difficult task of helping a taxi cab driver deliver a baby in a car pulled to the side of the road.

The emergency scanner read, "88-31-83-01. Pregnancy problems at south Valley View Rd. and East Ashland Ln. Ashland."

"I think part way in between asking the first question, she said 'Oh ,there's some lady having a baby in the back of my cab,'" Gilinski said.

Gilinski said these types of calls are extremely rare, which makes the experience even more special.

"There's dispatchers that have been here for 15 plus years and have never gotten a baby call like that before," Gilinski said. "Then there are some that have, so I just feel so lucky that I got this early in my career."

Constantly dealing with critical matters, Gilinski said it was nice to experience a happy ending.

"It's just one of those calls that give you goosebumps," Gilinski said. "You know, sometimes, we go home with calls that stick with us for negative reasons and we don't need to know the outcome of them. This one was pretty great. As soon as I heard that baby cry, I just knew everything was going to be okay."

Even thought the call only lasted for a few minutes, Gilinski said the memory of it will stay with her forever.

"I don't even know how to describe the feeling," Gilinski said. "It was just incredible and it's just one of those things that's going to stick with me for the rest of my life."

When dispatchers talk callers through a live birth, they are given a stork pin as a reward. Gilinski was given a pink stork pin to symbolize the baby girl she helped deliver. She said she now wears that pin to work with her every day.

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