911 outage hits Josephine County, public safety hopes new facility will help


Josephine County experienced a 30 minute 911 outage Tuesday evening shortly after 7:30 p.m.

The dispatch center is run by the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety and located in the Justice Building.

The department says a power outage in that building was to blame for the 911 outage. But the cause of the power outage itself is unknown.

"We do the best job we can to keep it up. For things that we can't control, like power outages and stuff like that, we have backups and generators that are able to keep us online so we can get help to the people who need it," says Lt. Dennis Ward with the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

They were able to get that backup center, located at the Hillcrest fire station, up and running in 30 minutes.

Josephine County has faced 911 outages before, but Lt. Ward says he hopes when the department moves to their new facility, the updated equipment will help make incidences less frequent.

In the meantime, if another occurs, he assures the public they're aware of it and are working to get it running again.

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