A campaign tries to raise funds to provide Christmas gifts for foster children

Foster The Love (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

A new campaign, Foster The Love, run by Every Child is trying to raise money to provide Christmas gifts for foster children.

The goal is to raise $52,000 for more than 600 children.

The director, Lynette Hasse says they want to provide a child with a physical gift and four gift cards.

She says the gift cards will be from either Fred Meyer, Walmart, or Target.

"So many times these children come without all their belongings or their favorite toys. This is just a way for these children to have a magical Christmas and get some favorite toys and some necessities that they might need," Hasse said.

She says the campaign has support from Radio Medford, House to Home Gallery, and Walkabout Brewery Co.

All of these businesses are finding creative ways to help raise the funds for the campaign.

This Saturday, Walkabout Brewery will also be fundraising for the cause.

If you would like to donate click here.

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