A final resting place honors veterans

American Flags flying in honor of America's un-named veterans. (Sammy Shaktah/KTVL)

This Memorial Day weekend is on many people’s minds, remembering those who serve our country is part of the Memorial Day tradition.

Medford its self is known to be a city where many veterans reside and spend their retirement.

The U.S. census shows that many as 6,433 veterans lived in Medford as of 2017.

Memory Gardens, a memorial park, dedicated its space to honor those who served our country, along with their family members in a special way.

Carl Nelson is the Family Service Manager at Memory Gardens.

His duties consisted of preparations for the Memorial Day event at Memory Gardens where he placed each flag in the ground, one by one.

"When I actually go out and hand clean the sites, I place a flag on the site and I say their name. I heard this saying once that a person actually passes twice, once when they pass and a second, the last time their name was uttered," Nelson said.

He added on, telling how much it means to him.

"I make it a point to actually say the name of the person on the site because their memory, just the way they honored our country by giving everything so that we can be free is very important to me personally," he said.

For those un-named heroes who served and gave everything, the cemetery honored them too with a stone to commemorate them.

That stone lays alongside three American flags which fly in their honor.

John Paul King had his shaved ice truck at the event.

"We're here today just to celebrate the lives of the people, the lives of the loved ones that they lost who gave themselves for our country," King said.

King also mentioned the importance of serving the Medford community.

"For us, as our business and as our family it's really important to honor not only those people but the communities that we serve," he said.

The cemetery is also honoring the community and those attending by giving away a gift basket as part of a raffle in the spirit of Memorial Day.

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