A group of friends spend their free time cleaning up the forest

A load of garbage that Oregon Border Patrol pulled out of the forest last weekend. (Courtesy: Sam Watson)

A group of friends in Grants Pass heard about an organization called Gambler 500 in 2016, and they have been a part of it ever since.

Gambler 500 is a nationwide group that sends out GPS checkpoints to different forest locations across the united states.

The challenge is then to drive beat-up cars, off road, and find the listed locations.

At the location, there will be a group of people that camp out and clean up the forest.

The Grants Pass group goes by the Oregon Border Patrol.

Jake McDonald, a member of the group, said it's an opportunity to explore places they've never seen before and help the environment, all at the same time.

"It's an off-road navigation challenge for cheap, fun, impractical cars. You get a list of GPS waypoints, they're all mostly off-road that you have to try and get to. The fun of it is trying to see if your junky car is going to make it all the way there or not," said McDonald.

The group agreed that getting to the location without a car breaking down is a rush.

They try to pick up as much trash as they can, but according to Tyler Reitzer, this past weekend the group decided to do something a little different.

"You can't pick up much trash with these cars, so this past weekend my buddies and I took out trucks and focused on one specific spot to completion to see what kind of difference we could make in one specific spot instead of spreading out over Oregon," said Reitzer.

Oregon Border Patrol said the forest has become dumping grounds where people just throw their junk away.

Just this past weekend they filled two truckloads of junk.

They also found a boat out in the forest, and they filled that with junk as well.

With more people and tools they said they could make an even larger impact.

Since the group has started, they said they've pulled out thousands of pounds of garbage from forests.

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