A puppy named Rookie helps a burned firefighter recover

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Cal Fire firefighter, Brandon Feller, who was badly burned in the Klamathon Fire is making a surprisingly fast recovery and he's doing it with the help of a new friend.

"Dogs are awesome I think. It's hard to have anything make you happier than a puppy I think," said Feller.

From the laughs, to the already undying loyalty you wouldn't believe this duo linked up just two weeks ago thanks to Patricia Falkenhagen.

"As soon as we heard your story I was like we have the perfect dog you know," said Falkenhagen.

Why is four-month-old Rookie the perfect fit?

He lost his home to the flames of the Klamathon Fire, the same flames that almost took Feller’s life.

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being out there and being so giving of yourself," said Falkenhagen.

Feller was at the edge of the fire when winds shifted.

“It was just a couple of seconds and that whole field was sheeting, which is basically it was burning way faster than I could run," said Feller.

He ran through flames to get to safety and sustained deep second and third degree burns from it.

"My eyes were swollen shut I'm pretty sure,” said Feller.

Doctors told him he may need skin grafting but he’s making a much faster recovery than anticipated and so far he hasn’t needed it.

"I guess being young and healthy and staying happy kind of helps your heeling," said Feller.

Feller says Rookie helps him stay positive and joins him on his favorite outdoor activities.

Feller’s injuries won't allow him to return to fight fires this season.

However, he says he's looking forward to helping his brother who is also a Cal Firefighter, next year.

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