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AAA: Drivers continue with risky behavior behind the wheel

Driver texting. (KTVL/ Stephanie Montano)
Driver texting. (KTVL/ Stephanie Montano)
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AAA said drivers continue to engage in risky behaviors when they are behind the wheel. The agency did a study last month which showed 87% of drivers engage in at least one risky behavior. Cheryl Noles, the Supervisor of Travel Sales and Operator of AAA said the percentage keeps getting worse and worse.

"We didn't ever see that kind of increase before," said Noles.

Noles said cell phones have made the problem worse and drivers agree,

"Texting and driving, talking and driving is the same as drinking and driving except they have a false sense of security because it's a phone and not a bottle," said Deborah Breedlove.

According to the study, 87% of drivers engaged in one risky behavior within the past month. Other unsafe behaviors included, driving while distracted, impaired driving, drowsy driving, speeding, running red lights or not wearing a seatbelt.

The study also stated that in 2014 those behaviors resulted in nearly 30,000 Americans losing their lives. The study predicts the data for last year will have a nine percent increase to that number.

"You see people run red lights, near misses and some fender benders, I've seen all of that," said Robert Breedlove.

AAA said drivers need to be careful, since breaking the law will result in serious consequences.

"You know if it's happening frequently your insurance company just might not have you anymore," said Noles.

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