ACCESS and La Clinica Provide Fast, Cheap, Healthy Food Options

ACCESS and La Clinica teamed up to help give people with chronic conditions low-fat and low-sodium food options. (KTVL/Aaron Nilsson)

MEDFORD, Ore. -- ACCESS and La Clinica partnering up Friday morning to deliver help to people with chronic conditions.

There were cooking demos with recipes provided, food sharing and healthy emergency food boxes.

The goal was to get people away from cheap, fast-food options filled with fat, salt and sugar.

Then, direct them to fast, cheap, healthy food options.

"That's what you've got to change your taste buds from desiring all that fat and sugar and salt and go more for fresh herbs, things that are healthier," cooking demonstrator, Andrea Hahn, said.

The Healthy pantry Initiative program opens twice a month starting May 27th.

It's between 10 a.m. and noon, every second and fourth Fridays of the month.

The second Friday is at La Clinica at 730 Biddle Road and the fourth Friday is at Rogue Community Health, which is 19 Myrtle Street.

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