After meals tax measure fails, city continues police funding with surcharge

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The Jacksonville meals tax ballot measure stirred up a lot of controversy in the small community.

With the measure failing nearly two to one, some residents are left to wonder what's next.

With both sides agreeing public safety funding is necessary, City Councilor Ken Gregg says that the city will continue with the water bill surcharge of 20 dollars per month.

That's in addition to the 35 dollar surcharge put in place a decade ago for the fire department.

"That's been accepted as something that works, and that's sort of why we thought the police surcharge would be a good alternative," says Councilor Gregg.

The surcharge can't be raised for five years, but can be reduced or removed if a better alternative presents itself.

Councilor Gregg says that the vote acted as an endorsement for the continuation, and if the council remains open if the public has any further thoughts.

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