After months, residents complain about nuisance house and trash

The house sits on Orange and Main, and is not being taken care of my the renters or owners (KTVL)

Residents are still upset months after they say nothing is being done about a nuisance house with abundant trash and drug activity on their street.

The house sits on the once quiet corner of Orange and Main Street in Medford.

"Everything was fine at first," resident Brittany Davenport says. "It then proceeded to get a little worse."

Davenport has lived on Orange Street for two years. She says that she has been threatened by the residents of the house after calling the police on them for drug activity.

Now there is a bigger — and smellier — issue. A fence knocked down due to code is exposing residents to countless trash.

"We're absolutely pissed off. What's going on is there's a bunch of trash over there, and his mom is incontinent. So now it's raining, and we've got incontinent trash sitting in the rain running down the street. That's not OK. That's e-coli, that's a lot of things that could happen with that, and it's running down the street where our kids are playing." Davenport says.

Corporal Tom Venables with Medford Police say they say they haven't received an official call about the property in months.

"I checked our records, and the last report that we received about that hose was in May in 2017 in regards to a dog being tied up," Venables says. "Unfortunately, if we would have known about this when it was first occuring, we would have had a code enforcement officer out there within the next 24 hours and we probably would have been able to abate the issue in weeks."

Davenport, however, says she's and neighbors have been calling.

"Ten plus times," she says. "Ten plus times I called out to the Police, three or four times I called for code enforcement. I called Animal Control four or five different times, no one did anything about this. How many calls do you need before it's labeled a drug house, before it's labeled a problem house.""

Medford Police say they sent out a code enforcement officer Thursday to assess the house. They say that they have to get in touch with the landlord, and the property can be abated of trash and other unwanted items.

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