After reaching emotional breaking point, local woman receives free tree removal

(KTVL/Mike Marut)

Monday morning, a crew from Advanced Tree Service and Landscaping arrived at Charelle Oppelt's parents' home to remove a tree that fell in Friday's high winds.

Over the past six weeks, a friend accidentally totaled Oppelt's car after hitting a deer, Oppelt's mother - Brenda - passed away and on Friday, the spruce tree standing tall in her parents' front yard was blown over. Oppelt says tree service crews told her the roots on one side were very short so did not hold the tree in the ground as well as they should have.

Oppelt called around to other tree removal companies who, she says, quoted her at least $5000 to remove the fallen spruce.

The past six weeks have been stressful, and Christmas around the corner pushed Oppelt to her breaking point. Fortunately, she got some help from her mom even after death.

"I looked at my mom's address book and she had a note in there that had Advanced Tree Service's name and number there," Oppelt said. "I thought I would call them and when I did, it ended up being the best phone call I made that day."

Some might call that fate or divine intervention.

"I feel like God felt my burden and realized that I was done, that I had hit my breaking point that there was no further I could push without his help," Oppelt said. "Between he and my mom, they took care of it."

Owner of Advanced Tree Removal and Landscaping said it was the right thing to do in the spirit of Christmas.

"She was cryin' and I was like, 'you know what? I heard a song by Alan Jackson, Faith, Hope and Love are a good thing, and the greatest is Love,'" Will Danielson said. "I thought, you know what, it's Christmas-time, we'll come out and give you a hand."

The tree fell on Friday, but caused no damage to Oppelt's house or her neighbor's house. The tree landed across the neighbor's property, but only crushed part of the chain-link fence despite landing right in front of the neighbor's car.

Tree removal crews had the majority of the tree turned into mulch by 10:00 Monday morning.

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