American Red Cross holds a disaster preparedness class

Emergency Kit (Shelby Reilly/News 10).

An evacuation plan is always good to keep in mind during fire season, but so is what you should take with you.

The American Red Cross held an hour-long information session at the Rogue River Library about disaster preparedness, and steps that you can take to make sure you and you're family remain safe.

"The importance of being prepared is not only do they have the education that they need, but it really helps them become more secure with the fact that they know they're self-reliant," Christi Maclaren, disaster preparedness coordinator with the American Red Cross, said.

Maclaren recommended things such as having an evacuation plan set in place with your household and to have an emergency bag ready to go in case you need to leave suddenly.

She was sent out to help during Hurricane Katrina, so she has seen first hand how detrimental it can be if people are not prepared for the worst-case scenario.

"That is the main key reason for them being informed, making a plan, and just getting involved in having their kit ready," Maclaren said.

Your emergency kit can include things such as non-perishable foods, extra water, batteries or a radio.

Maclaren also suggested scanning all of your important documents, such as a driver's license and insurance information, onto a USB drive so that you can easily take it with you in the case of a disaster.

"A lot of people have the opinion that somebody else is going to help them. That Red Cross will be there or that the emergency fire department or EMS will be there when the fact is that when a disaster does happen there's really very limited personnel to help the vast amounts of people that are in a disaster." Maclaren said.

The next disaster preparedness course will be on August 21st at the Medford Library.

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