Animals rescue group raises funds to prepare for wildfire season


Heavenly Animal Rescue Team and Services (HARTS), a local animal rescue group who has rescued hundreds of animals during wildfire season, held a fundraiser on Sunday.

The organization hosted a "Meet and Eat" to help with the cost of caring for their rescue animals. From the Camp Fire to the Klamathon Fire, HARTS has saved hundreds of animals in the aftermath of disaster.

During their event, local residents had the chance to meet some of their animals in Medford. Volunteers sold meal tickets, $10 for breakfast and $15 for lunch and dinner, at the HomeTown Buffet restaurant.

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Vice President D.J. Longbrake said every dollar that was given will go towards an animal in need.

"Our goal is to prepare us for this upcoming fire season, and then also we have some horses and animals that are in our care currently that weren't a part of the fire, but we do have a rescue for that," Longbrake said. "They are older horses that were being sent to slaughter."

Among the animals is 'Feather,' a goat rescued from Paradise, California, whose owners lost everything in the fire.

"It was something I’ve never seen before and I hope to God I never see again," Longbrake said about her trip to Paradise. "You come from that area a totally different person."

From the Camp Fire alone, Longbrake speculated they were able to save at least 300 animals.

"The Camp Fire was a totally different scenario, since that fire came through Paradise so fast," Longbrake said. "People had already left for work or school. It happened so fast, they couldn’t go back to save their animals."

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