Approved housing development in Brookings

Amendment approved

An phased housing development was approved in Brookings on Monday.

Brookings City Manager, Gary Milliman, says It's intended to develop over a period of time.

"There's a housing shortage in Brookings at all levels of housing from lower income to higher income," Milliman said.

An amendment to an existing agreement with the U.S. Borax Corporation on the financing of sewer system improvements, would assist in the development of Lone Ranch Project, which is located north of Brookings.

The city council approved the amendment of the financing agreement.

"If the city offers an incentive of providing for a portion of the sewer system, we would enter into a future development agreement with a housing developer," Milliman said.

The project was initially approved in 2004, but did not progress.

Milliman says if an affordable housing developer comes forward it can negotiate on the value of the land, which is 500-acres.

Some of the concerns one city council member has is the long term affect of the Chetco Bar Fire.

"On the Chetco river water shed 80-percent of which is within the cities source upstream of where we collect our water for our drinking water." Brookings City Council Member, Dennis Triglia, said.

Triglia says studies only sampled the water twice, once in January and in March.

He says it wasn't a rainy season and was told it would take two to four years for an accurate assessment.

"My major concern is that the low water flow during the dry season, during which the samples have not been taken. can the Chetco river provide sufficient water for the development." Triglia said.

Milliman says if a housing developer does not step up, the amendment will stay as is, which is dormant.

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