Ashland Community Peace Meal leaving Pioneer Hall

Peace Meals at Ashland Pioneer Hall (Rebecca Flora/News 10)

The Ashland Community Peace Meal will no longer be serving free meals to the homeless at Pioneer Hall. They have until April 30th before they can no longer use the premises.

Peace Meal has served the homeless community five times per week for the last three years, according to Jason Houk, Community Organizer for Ashland Peace Meal.

“We’re able to provide five meals per week to our vulnerable communities,” says Houk.

The Ashland Community Center, which sits next door to Pioneer hall, closed at the end of March after engineers deemed the building unsafe for use. Many other community groups that once used the community center will move their events to Pioneer hall, limiting availability for the space.

News 10 reached out to Ashland Parks and Recreation and the City of Ashland for comment and have not yet received a statement.

"We're just trying to feed ourselves the best way we can," says Joshua Short, an Ashland resident who goes to Pioneer Hall for the Peace meals. He also says that the program is about more than just food. "It provides a space for people to come in when they are cold and get a cup of coffee."

Short says that he has used the service for the last several years and hopes it will stay in the community, one way or another.

Houk hopes the city and the Ashland Community Peace Meals organization can find a solution that works for everyone. He urges anyone in the community who supports the free meals to sign the “Save the Ashland Community Peace Meal in Pioneer Hall” petition at

“We’ve really appreciated our partnership with the city and are looking forward to working on solutions,” says Houk.

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