Ashland council members debate homeless parking lot issue

City-owned parking lot at the corner of Pioneer St. and Lithia Way. (Jennevieve Fong / News 10)

The CIty of Ashland is considering changes to a public parking lot to stop the homeless from loitering and camping. The parking lot in discussion is at the intersection of Pioneer St. and Lithia Way.

City officials are discussing four options for improvement, which include more lighting, better landscaping, a higher fence and building a wall.

Residents have differing opinions on how to deal with the growing homeless community.

"I don’t think that we should have to pay because people want to be homeless, that doesn’t seem right," resident Darrell Hoover said. "I understand some of their reasoning, but a lot of people just don’t like the government or want to pay taxes."

Hoover said he agrees there should be action done, but is not sure what the right move is.

"When it becomes a nuisance, you have people that don't want to shower or people become aggressive with people, something should be done, but I don't think building a wall would be the right response," Hoover said.

If approved, work could begin in Nov. with $60,000 budget if approved.

Ashland city council members will consider the issue at their meeting Tuesday night.

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