Ashland Fire fails to conduct required fire inspections

Ashland Fire inspections graph provided from budget committee presentation

The City of Ashland requires inspections for homes and businesses every two years.

However, at Wednesdays budget committee, Ashland Fire Chief revealed the city is at serious liability due to failing to conduct required fire inspections.

The required inspections have not been conducted for the last eight years.

According to the presentation at the budget committee, Ashland Fire Chief Michael D'Orazi said, "You did have a fire inspector.. the position was cut..they came up with an alternative plan they thought might work but it didn't work. To neglect to do these inspections is a disservice not only to the citizens but to the visitors and could result in some serious liability."

The city cut the position during the great recession.

The fire staff who took on the load of the inspector position was able to do about 16% of the required inspections but more than 8,000 were not done according to city records.

D'Orazi suggested hiring a part-time fire inspector. He wants $27,000 for a new hire and thinks inspection fees will pay for it.

Inspection fees range from $54 -$274 depending on the type of building.

News 10 did reach out to Ashland Fire Chief D'Orazi on Friday but was unavailable for comment.

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