Ashland Food Project volunteers brave winter weather to give back

Volunteers collect food from local families for Ashland Food Project on Saturday in Ashland. (Courtesy of Tracy Daro)

Baring the cold weather this morning, community members gathered the first "green bag" collection of the year. As a part of the Ashland Food Project, one-third of local families donated to give food to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank.

Executive director Tracy Daro said Saturday's volunteers included Ashland High School students, Southern Oregon University Raider football players, and even co-founder Paul Giancarlo.

Daro said organizers were worried about how the weather would affect one of their biggest volunteer days of the year.

"Off and on, it was definitely snowing all morning and yet we still had lines of cars that went all the way out to the street," Daro said. "We were very worried about the weather affecting our volunteers and actually amazing people showed up, came out."

Daro said these volunteer days bring awareness to the degree of hunger in the Ashland and Talent communities.

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the start of the food project initiative. Daro said the next volunteer collection day is scheduled for April.

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