Ashland's new police car targeting community engagement

City of Ashland new police car with "Peace Officer" written on eight patrol cars and one motorcycle. (Marissa Olid/News 10).

The City of Ashland unveiled their new police cars on Wednesday, May 8th, with the words "Peace Officer" written on the side.

"We are proud to announce the peace officer initiative that has been done in conjunction with the City of Ashland Police Department, the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission and an organization called 'Police to Peace,'" said Police Chief Tighe O’Meara.

The new decal will go on all of the marked patrol cars. Eight patrol cars, including a motorcycle, will have the new decal.

The Police Chief says the purpose of this new vehicle is to be another declaration that the Ashland Police Department does not just want to be a police force.

"It's our hope that this designation further demonstrates to the community that we are interested in not just being police officers and enforcers of the law but also being community partners to work with all members of the community to enhance public safety and build relationships between the police department and the city of Ashland and all of its members," said O'Meara.

He says they will not stop being police officers but it's also how they can work with the community to best serve in the eyes of the community.

The organization "police to peace" is a national non-profit organization that encourages police departments around the world to participate in the program in hopes that it builds better relationships with police departments and communities.

The organization offers to fund the installation however, the cost for the new decal is minimal that Ashland Police Department took it upon themselves.

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