Ashland residents becomes a centenarian


Jane Parker spent most of her life in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was born on November 2, 1918.

She met the man she would marry in 1941, Landrith "Bud" Parker, a World War 2 Navy Veteran.

Jane and Bud raised five kids, owned and operated an insurance company, retired and moved to Florida, where Jane suffered the loss of her husband, Bud in 1995.

According to the Parker Family, Bud went out for a walk and never returned. They searched for twelve years, during which there were reports of Bud sightings hundreds of miles from his residence.

The constant change in the Florida swamp lands, infrastructure and misleading tips made it impossible to find Bud while he was still alive.

In 2007, while expanding the runway of the Leesburg airport geographical surveyors discovered the remains of an elderly male who passed away within 1992-1997.

Bud's personal belongings were found near the remains which led the family to presume the remains were Bud.

Bud's remains were put to rest after a proper military funeral in 2007.

Now Jane lives in Ashland, close to her friends and family, she is still an active member of the community and keeps up with current events.

"Well I hope the country finds peace and I hope the world changes for the better, yeah," said Jane Parker, in regards to the next 100 years.

On November 2nd, 2018 Jane Parker became the newest centenarian in Ashland, surrounded by her extended family, which now includes twenty two great-grand children.

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