Ashland seeks input on grant to reduce injuries to elderly, people with disabilities


Ashland is moving to helping community members at risk for injury at home.

They want to build ramps for wheelchairs, widen doorways, or other safety adjustments that could be too expensive for some to do without city assistance.

The city of Ashland is seeking public input on that project, funded by a 50,000 dollar grant from Housing and Urban Development.

"It does have an income threshold, so the household would need to qualify as a low to moderate income household at 80% of the area median income or below," says Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist for the City of Ashland.

The funding is a response to repeated and preventable calls into Ashland Fire & Rescue, and aims to prevent those incidences in the first place.

To give your input on the proposal, you can contact Ashland Communtiy Development with your comments until September third.

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