Ashland Uber and Lyft drivers struggle to pick up riders

Driver Ari Fisher's windshield displaying both his Uber and Lyft signs. (News 10 / Jennevieve Fong)

Although ride sharing in Ashland is now allowed, Uber and Lyft drivers are having a hard time picking up enough riders to make a sufficient income.

Ashland Police said there are a total of 35 registered drivers in the city. Rideshare employees said there is more supply than demand within city limits.

Working as a driver since October, Ari Fisher drives for both companies and said he is sometimes waiting for hours at a time for a ride request.

Due to the long process of passing the ordinance, Fisher said there is a lack of awareness in the community that ride sharing is now an option.

“I want people to know that they can use the app now, Uber and Lyft is here and I think it’s going to be have a good effect on the community here,” Fisher said.

As a busy Southern Oregon University student, Fisher said rideshare driving is the only job flexible enough with his schedule.

With the local SOU student body, he said there is a lot of potential in the Ashland area for business, but only if more people start using the services.

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