Assault in Grants Pass with a machete

On Monday at 9:30 p.m., Grants Pass Police and Fire/Rescue responded to a call of a 35-year old man, Joshua Wright, bleeding from one of his arms after being cut with his own machete.

Eyewitnesses describe the altercation as a struggle between the suspect, 25-year-old James Daniel Gardner, and the victim over the machete right outside Purple Parrot in Grants Pass.

Officers arrived on scene to find Wright bleeding profusely. One officer was a certified paramedic and applied a tourniquet. The victim was rushed to Asante Three River's Medical Center for treatment. Due to Wright's injuries, he was later transported to Rogue Regional Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment.

The suspect was identified as Gardner by witnesses and the victim. Gardner ran from the area on foot after the assault and was found nearby by police. The intersection of J Street between 6th and 7th Streets was shut down for a short time while the crime scene was processed.

Gardner was interviewed and later lodged at the Josephine County Jail on assault and disorderly conduct charges.

According to eyewitness and friend of Wright's, James Plummer, Wright is now recovering well at Rogue Regional Medical Center.

"He's doing good," Plummer said. "He came through surgery all right and he's got a cheerful display of enjoyment and laughing and kind of joking it off a little bit. So, [he was] happy to see me when I got there; he remembered that I told him I was going to show up."

Plummer noted the machete belonged to Wright and was in a sheath on his hip when Gardner tried to take it. Plummer says during the struggle for the machete is when Wright's arm was sliced open.

Anyone with further information is encouraged to contact the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety.

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