Attempted abduction of junior high school student

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A man in a car attempted to abduct a junior high school student of the Klamath County School District on Thursday afternoon as the student was walking home from a bus stop in a neighborhood north of Shasta Elementary School.

When the student got off the school bus, a man driving a brown SUV with a silver strip - possibly a Jeep - approached the student and tried to talk them into getting into the car with him, according to a statement released by Marcia Schlottmann, Public Relations Officers for the KCSD.

The school district alerted parents of the incident, and asked parents to please speak with their children and remind them of safety tips regarding being approached by strangers.

Some of these suggestions include the following:

  • Walk in groups or with friends
  • Be alert to cars that might be following them
  • Do not talk to anyone that might approach them
  • If near a public place, go into the business and report the concern to an adult

Additional tips for adults to be aware of concerning suspicious behavior:

  • Someone saying they lost a pet
  • Someone looking for a lost child
  • Someone asking for help to complete a task

The KCSD wants to remind the public that "if you see a suspicious vehicle or suspicious behavior, please report it to local law enforcement."

At this time, it is unclear if the Klamath County Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation into this incident. News 10 is still awaiting a response.

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