Avista gas outage brings business to one downtown Ashland restaurant

Little Tokyo restaurant in Ashland, Oregon (Marissa/News 10)

Friday marks day three of the Avista Utilities natural gas outage in Ashland.

While the gas outage had an impact on homeowners, businesses and restaurants and forced some to close their doors early. One restaurant in Downtown Ashland, Little Tokyo, was "just riding the wave" as Sam Dean, an employee, said.

Dean explains their gas was up and running fine. Although he was glad the gas outage did not play a role on the family-run business, there were some concerns as to if their gas would also be affected later down the line.

Due to the gas outage in downtown some restaurants had to either close or only serve half of their menu. As a result, Little Tokyo gained a surge of hungry customers.

"Within the span of like 10 to 15 minutes, I went from having maybe two or three tables to 15, 16 and more people were trying to come in," Dean said. "It came to a point where I just had to stop letting people come inside because I couldn't get any work done."

He explained it was a crazy night and business was booming.

"It was better.. couldn't ask for anything better. I'm sorry that some of the other restaurants got hit kinda hard, but we were okay. We were riding the wave" said Dean.

As to why Little Tokyo had gas while some surrounding restaurants did not is unclear.

The gas has now been restored in several areas but the company has extended its time frame of relights into Saturday, March 23.

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