Bear Creek Greenway meets Larson Creek Greenway

Bear Creek Greenway in Medford

The City of Medford was awarded a contract to connect popular greenways in Medford.

Larson Creek Greenway is perpendicular to Bear Creek Greenway.

The Larson Creek Greenway has already been built from Bear Creek Greenway to Ellendale, however, now the plan is to build a greenway along Larson Creek from Ellendale Dr. to Black Oak Dr.

Currently, the greenway only goes up to Ellendale Dr.

The city is paying for about two thirds of the project, the rest of the funding is being paid for through a grant.

The City of Medford has received an $868,000 grant from the Connect Oregon program.

With the Bear Creek Greenway currently being a big issue for transients, public works director Cory Crebbin doesn't believe the expansion will have an impact.

"Most of the trail will be fenced and hopefully there's enough activity on it that there's not really any place to camp along there that people can't get to already," Crebbin said.

The trail will have a short segment eight feet wide and most of the trail will be 10 feet.

The ultimate goal is to take the trail all the way through East Medford to Roxy Anne Peak.

The expected finish date is sometime next fall.

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