Bike thief caught, lassoed by bystander on horse

Sanchez is now in custody, after being caught by a man on a horse via lasso. (Photo via KTVL)

EAGLE POINT, Ore. - A bike thief was lassoed by a bystander on a horse, catching him in the act.

A Hispanic male adult, now identified as Victorino Arellano-Sanchez, 23 attempted to steal a mountain bicycle outside of a local Walmart store when people in the parking lot began shouting and calling attention to the theft.

A nearby man that had his horse in a trailer took action. The man chased after the thief on horse, who was fleeing, and lassoed the suspect, holding him down until local police arrived.

Witnesses referred to the hero as the "Lone Ranger." His name is Robert Borba.

"I mean, who gets on their horse at Walmart and chases after somebody and lassoes him other than the Lone Ranger," Rob Roque said.

Sanchez was arrested and is currently in Jackson County Jail.

Officer Chris Adams of Eagle Point Police said that after the arrest, Borba on the horse said, "Can I have my rope back? I've gotta go."

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