Bill protecting information of recreational users passes Oregon Senate

Talent Health Club, Mar. 22nd 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- Oregon senators passed bill 863 to protect information of recreational marijuana users.

Before making a sale, local dispensaries record people's name, photo, and date of birth. This is often saved to keep track of customers who are buying in excess.

Now, Oregon senators are looking to protect customers. Andrew Robison with Talent Health Club said this could be due to discussions at the federal level.

"When we hear the current administration saying they may be doing a crackdown particularly on non-medical marijuana sales in the states that have already voted that in it's good for states to honor the people, what they voted for," he said.

Robison said dispensaries could be taking on extra work if Senate Bill 863 goes into effect, making sure that every ID is checked by hand.

"Make sure we're actually doing things correctly instead of just doing the without thinking, regular check-in. That way we show people we are being responsible. We're doing our best to maintain total compliance," he said.

But as business grows, dispensary owners like Clay Bearnson said this could be challenging.

"A process like that could be quite redundant to have to do that on a daily basis for every single customer that comes into your establishment. That seems like it could be a little bit of a workload," he said.

Bearnson said there's no need to keep identifying information.

"I'm also an OLCC owner that sells alcohol to people and they don't require bar tenders, or bar owners, or liquor store owners or anybody else to retain that information for any longer than it takes to make sure that person is old enough to participate," he said.

The bill is now in the Oregon House of Representatives.

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