Britt seeks volunteers for it's upcoming season


The Britt Festival is one of many local groups that faced financial pressure a a result of the summer smoke.

But they're pushing on to next season, and looking for some help. Every year the Britt relies on about 300 volunteers to operate.

Those volunteers scan tickets, provide information to attendees, sell merchandise, and do other tasks, with the reward of getting to attend the concerts for free.

"Volunteers are the heart of our organization. We really truly - I mean, I say this repeatedly - we cannot operate without volunteers. But it's very true in the case of Britt," says Britt Marketing Director Mike Gantenbein.

Gantenbein says the volunteers help keep prices reasonable and allow the non-profit to provide the best experience to concert goers.

If you're interested in lending your time, you can apply on their website.

Interviews will start in February or March, and the volunteer work will likely start in May.

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