Bulldozer operator on Klondike Fire has gun pulled on him

Members of various fire crews sit and eat food after their shift is over. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

The Illinois Valley Fire District and U.S. Forest Service (after confirming with Bureau of Land Management) confirmed a gun was pulled on a bulldozer operator at the Klondike Fire over the weekend.

According to an IVFD Facebook post, the dozer operator creating a fire line near some private property when the incident happened.

Because this happened on private land, U.S. Forest Service says the Josephine County Sheriff's Office is the primary contact for any follow-up. Per email, the Josephine County Sheriff's Office says they did not receive any calls regarding this incident in the last few days.

The fire officials on the Klondike Fire say they work closely with local law enforcement and local agencies to navigate the area of the fire, including topographical navigation and simply knowing property lines.

"We work very closely with the county sheriffs, local law enforcement, state patrol, because really they have primary responsibility for law enforcement," Peter Frenzen, a Public Information Officer for the Klondike Fire, said.

Firefighters in southern Oregon come from across the country, if not the world, to help knock down the flames.

While Frenzen declined to answer any questions regarding the specific incident involving the dozer operator, he added more to the relationship between law enforcement and fire crews.

"[Out here] it's a mixture of private lands, other lands, national forest lands," Frenzen said. "In those cases, we work with law enforcement and they engage in the investigation or whatever enforcement is needed. The federal agencies do have their own law enforcement and they work, also, quite closely with locals."

Nobody was reported injured in the specific incident from the weekend.

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