Bullet falls from the sky and into a Medford home causing damage

Bullet falls from the sky causing damage to a Medford home (Marissa Olid/News 10).

While many were enjoying the Fourth of July holiday weekend, one Medford home owner came home from vacation to find an usual surprise in his garage. The ceiling of the garage and a ping-pong table revived damage from gun shot.

Tom Rosia, a Medford resident of five years tells News 10 he never expected anything like this to happen in his neighborhood as it is a very quiet neighborhood. The incident occurred on Garfield and Peachwood Court in Medford.

The bullet came raining down into his garage ceiling and traveled through a ping -pong table sometime during Rosia's vacation around the Fourth the July.

"I didn't notice at first there was a hole in my roof in the garage and then there was a hole in my ping pong table and then the next morning I found a 45 bullet on the floor of the garage," said Rosia.

Neighbors say that because of the Fourth of July fireworks happening throughout the day, they could not differentiate between fireworks or a gun shot.

"It is very illegal, it's a felony to do that and it's also very dangerous. You endanger all your neighbors, you endanger people miles away and people don't realize the damage that could happen from shooting a gun into the air, the bullets got to come down eventually," said Lieutenant Mike Budreau, with the Medford Police Department.

Medford Police recovered what they believe to be a bullet from a large caliber riffle and is conducting the investigation. As of now, no suspect has been identified.

Luckily, no one was home at the time of the incident, but surrounding neighbors could have been seriously injured.

"I'm very grateful. I mean I'm aggravated now but there's no where to direct my anger. If my grand kids where here I'd be furious, so I'm very grateful they weren't here but I'm still upset because I have some lovely kids next door," said Rosia.

As for now, the next step is to fix the damage that was done. Rosia will be patching the hole and getting rid of the ping-pong table as he does not want to be reminded of the senseless dangerous incident.

He hopes what happened to him brings awareness on how dangerous shooting guns into the air can be.

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