Bunny adoption event

(From left to right) A brown rabbit sits inside a crate while a black and white rabbits face is prominently displayed close up. These bunnies are up for adoption at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. (Riche Garza/News 10)

The Jackson County Animal Shelter recently recovered 11 bunnies after being found, crammed inside a dog crate on an abandoned porch.

The shelter does not receive funding to care for these smaller animals, as most of the limited resources are geared towards dog and cat rescue services. Volunteers of the shelter took on the responsibility of caring, spaying, and neutering the bunnies through a foster home program organized by the animal shelter.

All the rabbits have received medical and affectionate care from the shelter and are ready to be adopted this weekend.

The animal shelter was surprised to discover that one of the rescued rabbits was pregnant, and recently gave birth to a litter of bunnies, adding six more to the adoption list - once they have received proper veterinary care.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter will host a bunny adoption event on February 9-10, 2019 from 12 p.m.- 3 p.m. at the shelter on S. Pacific Highway in Phoenix.

After announcing the event, they also received numerous guinea pigs from Pet’s-Mart, who claimed to have no more room for them. The guinea pigs will also be available for adoption during the bunny adoption event this weekend.

"Taking care of a rabbit or a guinea pig is not something that's just a year or two - they end up living longer than that and so the family really needs to be committed to it, same thing with cats and dogs," Barbara Talbert, Manager at Jackson County Animal Shelter said.

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