Burglaries increasing in Jackson County as jail space decreases


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has released their 2017 burglary numbers, and there are some significant increases.

Between 2016 and 2017 home burglaries went up about 40 percent, business burglaries nearly doubled, and other structures, including sheds, storage units, and other outbuildings tripled.

Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler says the jail space capacity limitations doesn't help in keeping these numbers down.

"We led the state in forced releases and that's not something we want to lead the state in. But our jail is just really too small for our valley," said Sheriff Sickler.

The sheriff says the short term solution of renting out beds from Josephine County Jail isn't viable since they face capacity and staffing shortages as well.

What Sheriff Sickler says would be a sustainable long-term solution is to come up with a bond to fund a larger jail facility, but this could be five to six years out.

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