Camp Fire First: Couple moves into rebuilt house in Paradise

A milestone was reached Monday when Travis and Victoria Sinclaire were issued the first certificate of occupancy after the November 8 Camp Fire.

"We're ecstatic," said Ms. Sinclaire just before being handed the certificate to their house on Forest Lane.

"All week long I've been seeing the last little touches coming together and I'm getting excited," said Mr. Sinclaire. "I can't wait to go home."

The couple lived in student housing near Chico State while their house was being rebuilt.

The new house is 210 square feet larger than their previous house and includes numerous upgrades, including kitchen granite tops and new flooring.

The Sinclaires also got some extras that they'd planned on getting before the fire.

"We needed a new roof," said Ms. Sinclaire.

"This wasn't how we wanted a new roof, but this how we got it," said Mr. Sinclaire laughing.

The couple said the biggest headache in the process was negotiating with their insurance company which offered them $274,000 for reconstruction costs.

Ms. Sinclaire said she threatened legal action, resulting in the company upping its offer to $394,000, which was accepted.

The additional costs for the $475,000 reconstructed house will be picked up by the Sinclaires.

The Paradise Irrigation District put in a new service line at no cost, guaranteeing clean water.

PID said it will provide new lines free of charge for all new construction in the town limits.

"What we're seeing is that there is such a high percentage of contamination in the burnt structures and lots that it's more cost effective (to provide the new line)," said Kevin Phillips, the PID's general manager.

The Town of Paradise has issued 84 building permits through Monday.

The Camp Fire, now known as the most destructive wildfire in California history, destroyed over 11,000 homes in Paradise.

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