Fake Country Crossings tickets being sold online

Fake ticket sales may have local residents confused about cancelled country crossings festival. (News 10 file photo)

After last year's Country Crossings controversies, the summer event was cancelled back in November. Some ticket websites are advertising tickets to the event, which they say is being held on July 25th.

While these ongoing ticket sales and advertising would confuse any local resident, some ticket retailers seem to be just as puzzled. One website, "Totally Tickets" informed News 10 that brokers have the right to advertise ticket sales on their site regardless of availability.

Because Totally Tickets does not demand any proof to verify an event, brokers can post tickets as they please. However, when an event is as big as the Country Crossings Music Festival, more ticket scams are likely to occur according to former president of Williamette Country Music Concert, Anne Hankins. Hankins was later fired by current owner, IMG. Buyers should always do their best to research an event before purchasing tickets. If a ticket is purchased on accident, some ticket retailers, including Totally Tickets encourage buyers to contact them for reimbursement.

Buyers are advised to contact ticket websites as soon as possible.

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