Vagabonds take over Medford mansion while homeowner away, 4 cars stolen

MEDFORD, Ore. - At least three people have been arrested for the burglary of an East Medford home.

While the residents of the mansion were out of town, a maintenance worker checking on the home off Cherry Lane found the home had been ransacked.

After police arrived, they found two suspects attempting to open a safe. Tyson Ceideburg, 26 and Allen Mitchell, 53 were arrested on scene.

Authorities also found out that four cars that had been stolen from the residence. A Porsche has been recovered, but the other three vehicles have not.

When police went back to the residence at a later time, they found Kathi Coyle, 46, and she was arrested as well.

Since Sunday, six other people have been arrested in connection with the case.

One of those arrested, Mitchell, is a former fire staff officer with the Bureau of Land Management's Medford District.

BLM officials say they have not had contact with Mitchell since his retirement.

Medford Police Lt. Justin Ivens says some of the burglars had taken over the residence two weeks ago and started living there, with several other people stopping by and stealing property.

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