C.A.T.S see usual amount of kittens this year

Kitten at C.A.T.S (Stephanie Montano/ KTVL)

C.A.T.S also knows as Committed Alliance To Strays said they've seen an unusual spike in the number of kittens so far. Kristina Lanier, the Executive Director for C.A.T.S said its a bit concerning since its only in the first month of the year. Lanier said last year, 369 cats were adopted, 252 of them were kittens. The organization said they usually see a decline of kittens in the winter months, but that is not the case so far for 2018. So far C.A.T.S has 52 kittens in the program.

"People they feel like the stray cats in their neighborhood that aren't owned by anybody is nobody's responsibility," said Lanier. "Well, its the communities responsibility to keep the numbers down. I love my job but the area is just overrun with cats and spaying and neutering the strays in your neighborhood would help out a lot. "

C.A.T.S said Snyp has a low-cost program for low-cost spays and neuters.

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