Cemetery kiosk will help the living find the dead

The newly restored Jacksonville cemetery gate. (Riche Garza/News 10)

The Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery are planning to add a location information kiosk to the cemetery grounds. This will allow visitors to find the location of burial sites more easily while paying respects to the deceased.

The current plan includes a printed map inside a pavilion that will be available alongside a binder with the names, dates, and locations of almost 6,000 people laid to rest at the cemetery.

"So somebody can go in look up the last name, see that they're buried in the city section block 550, and then look at the map, and be able to follow signs that will be placed along the roadway indicating which block numbers they are," Friends Of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery President, Dirk Siedlecki said.

An electronic information system is an idea that has been discussed in previous planning sessions, but will only be installed if the funds are available.

The structure is planned to be completed by next year and will measure 12 feet tall by 12 feet wide. Total cost will be funded entirely by a private donor though The Friends of Jacksonville’s Historic Cemetery organization.

The organization intends this new structure will raise awareness of the historic significance of cemetery.

According to Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Friends of Jacksonville's Historic Cemetery have taken on the task of maintaining the cemetery grounds for the last several years.

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