Central Point power line struck by trailer, responsible for power outages

A main power line struck along Highway 99 in Central Point and hanging by its own lines. Damages were responsible for power outages. (Sammy Shaktah/News 10)

Thursday's power line crash in Central Point around noon had a widespread effect throughout the area, as power was lost in various places throughout the Rogue Valley, including Medford, Central Point, and Ashland.

A main power line was struck along Highway 99 in between Beal Lane and Cupp Drive, the pole was broken at its base and was barely hanging up from the tension of its own power lines.

"These are primary lines here so they feed the city of Medford, [and] the city of Central Point with a lot of electricity," Kelly Harrington of Fire District 3 said.

He mentioned that keeping the portion of the highway closed and people away from the lines was critical, as the high voltage could very well kill someone if accidental contact was made.

"This is in the area that we had to watch out for peoples safety, the employees, and people visiting those businesses [here] because these are very high voltage lines," Harrington said.

Harrington also mentioned that power was out at his own fire station which was a few miles away, where he could see powerlines shaking from the impact.

A local Central Point business manager David Gaither, of Interstate Batteries, said he has seen plenty of accidents on this stretch of Highway 99, but something of this nature was a little uncommon for him to witness.

"From what it looked like, the trailer may have drifted. If a single tire locks up on a trailer it's gonna pull the trailer that way. His truck to me appeared to be driving straight. For his trailer to wander, it almost looked like maybe a tire locked up, or a brake pad locked up, and it pulled the trailer that way," Gaither said.

Gaither mentioned how safety is always a top priority in his own business and said that keeping a safe distance when driving near trucks is one way to maybe prevent another crash from happening.

"The biggest thing is our customer's safety, peoples safety, so just again, give these guys a little more room because you never know when something unfortunate like this can happen out there."

Power in Central Point was restored after the crash as Pacific Power was at the scene shortly after the collision.

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