Checking out campus: SOU Preview Day

Brent Florendo, with S.O.U., helped bring in Angelica (L) and Rose (R), from Happy Camp, California and several others with the Karuk Tribe to experience the campus first-hand. (KTVL/Aaron Nilsson)

ASHLAND, Ore. -- High school students from Alaska, Hawaii and in-between, checking out Southern Oregon University today.

Registration is up 200 from last year, to 600 visitors.

Ambassadors are showing off the school's 40 programs and athletics.

Brent Florendo worked on bringing in a small group from the Karuk Tribe out of Happy Camp, California.

One of those students needs to see more before her life-changing decision.

The school presents its best, to see if it's a good fit for the visiting students.

"If a student is into hiking, the outdoors and the art culture, then they'd be a perfect fit here. If someone wants to go to a bigger school and live in a big city, then they'd probably have to look somewhere else." Graduate student, Patrick Gonzales, said.

"Today's my yes or no to going. I wanted to look at the campus more. I didn't really get a chance before and I think that's what's going to bring me in,” prospective student, Angelica Garrison, said.

Recruitment efforts expanded to Portland which, in part, helped bring in bigger numbers this year.

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