Non-profit organization offers free lunch in for Child Welfare employees

Every Child (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

Every Child has teamed up with Child Welfare.

Wednesday, the organization provided a free holiday lunch-in for Child Welfare employees.

Every Child says it wants to make sure employees at Child Welfare feel appreciated.

Some employees say they haven't had something like this done for them in a long time.

There was a line of people waiting for a free meal around noon today.

Every Child gave away free coffee mugs with gift cards to restaurants inside of them and employees say they couldn't be more thankful.

"To have an organization come along side and say hey we see you, we see the hard work that you do and we appreciate you. Truthfully, it makes me cry, most of my co-workers and I, we're just kind of stunned," Child Welfare employee, Alicia O'quinn said.

If you're interested or even curious about adopting a child, you can attend an orientation next Monday at 6 p.m. held on Market Street in Medford.

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