Christmas tree sale funds Boy Scouts

Troop 112's annual Christmas tree sale funds the majority of their operations throughout the year. (Genevieve Grippo/KTVL)

Sunday was the last day for Boy Scout Troop 112's annual Christmas tree sale.

The Ashland-based troop sold both farm-raised and hand-cut trees in order to raise money for equipment and activities.

"We have the scouts pay some dues to cover some expenses," said John Ourant, Scoutmaster for troop 112. "But those are pretty small and actually most of the operating expenses of the troop is payed for by this event."

John ourant says the troop raises a couple thousand dollars every year.

This year, the troop started out with about 140 trees.

They had already sold over 100 of those by Sunday morning.

Ourant says the trees that are not sold are donated to a local food bank.

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