Citizens question Commissioners on smart meters


Yesterday the Jackson county board of county commissioners met as part of their regular week, planning to discuss permits and agreements.

But residents showed up to air what was on their mind instead - smart meters.

After Josephine County passed an ordinance allowing their residents to opt out of the program, some citizens in Jackson County want to follow suit.

However, Josephine County's move was followed by legal threats from the Oregon Public Utilities Commission, leaving some cautious it could also get Jackson County in a tricky situation.

"We do care about what's going on. The issue is - as Commissioner Dyer pointed out - the respectful way we can approach this within legal guidance," says Commissioner Bob Strosser.

Commissioner Strosser said that the board of commissioners has been active in voicing the concerns of their citizens to the public utilities commission through a public letter and other correspondence.

But at the same time, they're dealing with conflicting data and legal uncertainties, and are trying to be judicious about how they use public money to resolve the issues.

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