City asks for public input on potential new roundabout

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Medford Planning Commission has a big decision ahead in the transportation arena and it’s all in the name of making an intersection less dangerous.

As of now the only way to control traffic at the three-point intersection on Cedar Links Drive and Springbrook Road is a single stop sign, which makes 14-year neighbors like Roger Hutley nervous.

"It can just be really close you know. So people can decide that they're not going to turn at the last second then you turn and then they have to slam on their breaks or something. It's not a very good situation,” said Hutley.

Hutley says it’s gotten worse over time.

"And it's always been a busy street but it's getting much busier,” said Hutley.

To address this issue, the city is considering installing a roundabout.

"A modern roundabout is designed to slow traffic on entrance, allow for pedestrians to comfortably maneuver through an intersection. Circular speeds are much closer to one another, therefore, all decisions are made at a much slower speed," said Alex Georgevitch, the Deputy Public Works Director.

With the intent to prevent any collisions - especially important in this area.

"It is providing connectivity to North Medford High School as well as Kennedy Elementary School,” said Georgevitch.

The roundabout concept is part of the Safe Route to School program, a grant approved by voters.

Something neighbors like Hutley are glad to see in motion.

"Anything that would make this intersection and I think a roundabout could do that, would be fine with me,” said Hutley.

City officials are looking for your input on what you think would make Springbrook Road safer.

You can share those concerns at the Planning Commission meeting happening tomorrow at City Hall from 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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